Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and these picture books are sure to inspire the best in all of us.  The first book is helpful for moms and parents around the world and for with anxious youngsters during this time of pandemic.  These books are good for ages three through seven.

Ruby Finds a Worry, by Tom Percival, captures an emotion that we all feel from time to time.  However, children may not understand, nor know how to deal with, their worries.  This sweet, yet simple, book addresses both.  Young Ruby is enjoying life’s simple pleasures when she suddenly discovers a worry.  The small yellow ball which represents her “worry” begins to follow her everywhere and as it does, it grows and grows.  It begins to affect her in everything she does, and its size is taking over her days.  However, when she meets a boy and sees that he also has a “worry” following him she discovers how to finally get rid of her worry, and he does as well.  The bright illustrations were made digitally with media brushes for photoshop and by selections of hand-paint textures.  This is a perfect book to help youngsters in your family deal with the problems we are currently experiencing and to explore their feelings. 

You Are a Gift to Me!, by Sandra Magsamen, is a board book with a loving message.  Mommy animals are celebrating every little thing they love about their young ones.  I’ve loved you right from the very start. I believe you have always been in my heart.  The sweet rhyming text has the backdrop of pastel hues and a pair of bright animals on every page.  Some of the animals include sheep, bunnies and giraffes.

In My Heart, by Mackenzie Porter, and vividly painted by Jenny Lovlie, is a small sized board book, that showcases mothers everywhere who adore and deeply love their children even when they must work. Though we’re not together, / we’re never truly apart / because you’re always on my mind / and you’re always in my heart.  Every page reflects the strong connection of love with mom and child throughout.

To the Moon and Back for You, by Emilia Beckrakis Serhant, and gorgeously painted by E. G. Keller, is an ode to motherhood.  The author tells the reader (in the back of the book) how difficult the road to motherhood was for her.  So, the simple text eminates the powerful love and devotion mothers feel for their child.  No matter how challenging the obstacle is, a mother will strive to overcome to help their little one. Every time I failed, I kept trying. Every time I needed help, I reached for it. The open-page illustrations are vibrant and gloriously emit an impressionistic style.

Bunny Business (Mama’s Day at Work), by Lori Richmond, presents problems when Mama must take Bunny to work.  The bunny sitter is sick, Papa is out of town and school is out.  As soon as they get to work, riding on the train, bunny wants a snack.  “I’m late for a meeting”, said Mama.  “We’ll get a snack when I’m done.”  Bunny waits and waits and gets hungrier and hungrier until he comes up with a very ingenious idea. The bright colors were done in ink and watercolor and were composited digitally.

Once Upon a Timely, by Lynn Parrish Sutton, and nicely painted by Faith Pray, is a large board book that expresses all the many ways you love your child.  From “once upon a time” to “happily ever after”, the many ways befitting a prince or princess and many more fairytales are demonstrated here. I love you humbly like the duckling turned swan. I love you unforgettably like the Little Mermaid’s song.  The rhyming text throughout creates an almost sing along style.

Oh, So Many Kisses!, by Maura Finn, and beautifully painted with pencil and watercolor by Jenny Cooper, is a board book showing loving tribute to the love parents and grandparents have for their children.  Which do you like most?  A fast kiss, a slow kiss.  A high kiss, and a low kiss.  A kiss to say, “I’ll miss you,” then…one hundred when you’re back again!”  Babies and young children are represented along with furry and cuddly animals.  The cover, front and back, is a soft cushion making it a perfect lap book to read to youngsters.

Tough Chicks Love Their Mama (Tabbed and Touch-and-Feel) by Cece Meng, and brightly illustrated by Melissa Suber, is an interactive board book that youngsters will enjoy with their mothers.  Three young chicks decide to make their mama a cake to show their love for her.  As they prepare the cake, other animals join in thereby making this a delightful read.  Between the bright colors, happy animals, textures to touch, questions to answer and fun storyline, this book will be re-told many, many times.

One More Hug, by Megan Alexander, and perfectly painted in watercolor and ink by Hiroe Nakata, celebrates the love of mother and child even with the passage of time.  You see baby wanting one more hug as the tapping of a tree branch startles all.  And as baby grows into a boy and beyond, one more hug is continually desired.  But even though you were older, you were still my boy.  And you asked for…one more hug.  A sweet remembrance of the importance of hugs and the strong bond of love.