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Editor’s Note: The following is an interesting outside commentary on the Mormon influence on American politics. Thanks for Daniel C. Peterson for bringing it to our attention. 

Image via Independent Journal. 

Millions of voters are less than thrilled with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their likely choices for president, but perhaps no group more so than Mormons.

Clinton and Trump lost to Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in the caucuses in the three states with the highest percentage of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Those states are also the three most Republican states and Mormons the most Republican religious group in the U.S., but they aren’t fond of their presumptive nominee…

Trump lost the three most Mormon states to Cruz:

Trump’s policy proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country goes against a historical and doctrinal opposition to religious discrimination among Mormons. The thrice-married candidate’s boastful and brash style also clashes with traditional Mormon ideals of leadership qualities.

So what’s a Mormon voter — particularly a Republican one repelled by Trump but equally queasy about pulling the lever for Clinton — to do?

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