The Book of Mormon conference on March 18 at the Utah Valley Convention center promises to educate and inspire with the latest insights and discoveries from the Book of Mormon.  Engaging presentations, mind-expanding thoughts, beautiful music and visuals, and warm-hearted conversations with friends all about the Book of Mormon make for a winning combination.  Just $20 to attend (w/ a box lunch included).

BMAF Conference 2017

9-9:10: Welcome
Emcee: Nicole Shepard

9:10-9:55: Neal Rappleye
BMC One Year Later

10:00-10:45: Warren Aston:
Lehi and Sariah in Arabia

10:45-11:00: Break #1

11:00-11:30: Father Lehi and Mother Sariah Awards Ceremony
Introduction of Award: Kirk Magleby
Musical #1: “I Would Exhort You”, solo by Barbara Welch Cramer accompanied by Christina Welch Broberg

Presentation of Award: Dave Asay

Musical #2: “The Tree of Life, the Love of God” by the Welch family.
Acceptance of Award: Jeannie & John W. Welch

11:30-12:30: Lunch

“Birds of a Feather” Meet & Greet

12:30-1:15: Taylor Halverson:
Covenant Patterns in the Old Testament & Book of Mormon

1:20-2:05: Matt Roper:
Howlers of the Book of Mormon Revisited

2:05-2:20: Break #2

2:20- 3:05: Richard Stamps:
Frauds and Hoaxes: The Michigan Relics

3:10-3:55: Jerry Grover:
Translating the “Caractors” Document Beginning with the Numbers

3:55-4:10: Break #3

4:10-4:55: Warren Aston:
The Search for Ramah/Cumorah in Veracruz

4:55-5:30: Open Mic 35 Min
New research findings