The Nauvoo Diary and Engagement Calendar is a delightful surprise to everyone who holds it in their hands. We’ve received some comments and reviews that we wanted to share with you. Please watch for your amazing discount for reading to the end.

Editors’ Note: Those who live in the vicinity of our home are invited to our “Skip the Ship” Open House this coming Saturday, December 12 from 10-4. We will be offering the Nauvoo Diary, the Church History Calendar, the Treasures of the Restoration Jigsaw Puzzle and the Beloved Daughter of Heavenly Parents Necklace. Bring your masks—we really want to have some eye-to-eye contact!

“Wow! What a beautiful diary and calendar.  The photography is just stunning.  I love the organization of the book.  I like that you have left space for thoughts and ideas as well as space for daily scheduling.  I really appreciate the wonderful quotes that are generously spread throughout the book.  The quotes are inspiring and thought provoking and then there is space to write down what the message motivates me to do or be.  The diary is beautifully done!  I look forward to using it this year as we study the Doctrine and Covenants which will include time in Nauvoo.”


“I type entries in my journal every couple of weeks but am usually racking my brain to remember what has transpired, so I am excited for the implications of this book—a chance to jot down keywords to flesh out later or record things to be grateful for or impressions from my scripture reading.  This will be fun! 

“The Proctor’s Nauvoo Diary and Engagement Calendar is a treasure.  The first thing that impressed me about it was its general feel.  It is not a cheap little thing but rather a sturdy, well-built book printed on thick stock. Just cutting it from its wrapper and feeling its weight in my hands felt like an indulgence.

“Scot has an extraordinary eye for beauty, and you’ll see it in the rich colors of his photos.  Some pictures took me back to tender moments from my visit to Nauvoo several years ago, other things taught me more about that extraordinary place with images I had missed altogether or had seen but not fully considered.  His visual details are downright poetic—headstones whose birth and death places and dates reveal long journeys in pursuit of gospel truths or new-bloom flowers juxtaposed against centuries-old architecture.  Beautiful! The gorgeous font is also worth noting and transports you back to a time when people wrote with fountain pens and ink. There are also spirit-filled quotes from restoration prophets sprinkled throughout—inspiration to ponder throughout each week.

“Thank you, Proctors, for creating a gift that feels like both a practical companion and delightful extravagance all at once.  I have already ordered more for relatives!”


“The Nauvoo Diary and Calendar is a multilayered beauty.  Thank you, Scot for combining your gorgeous Nauvoo photography with such a useful, roomy, day to day diary/calendar.   I’m looking forward to jotting my own personal 2021 history on its rich smooth pages alongside the included thoughts of our early church leaders.  The gold wire binding allows the pages to remain comfortably open as I write, too!  I’m drawn in by the thoughtful pictures and hopefully my entries next year will reflect the depth I see in the pages of this inspiring creation. “


“When I opened the mailbox this afternoon, I was immediately excited to see what was inside the small package I found. The first view of The Nauvoo Diary brought tears to my eyes as I quickly scanned the rest of the pages through blurry eyes. As a young girl, my family vacationed across the United States in a motor home to all of the church history sites. So, viewing these beautiful photos throughout the book brought back feelings and memories of that precious trip with my family. Scot and Maurine, I am always looking for ways to grow and learn so I’m especially grateful for this opportunity to reflect and share my thoughts this year in this priceless treasure.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents to make this inspiring book possible to people like me!”


“My husband just gave me this wonderful gift…your Nauvoo Diary.  Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our time in Nauvoo with you.  It is a treasure and meets ALL MY NEEDS.”


As I was organizing my desk this morning getting ready to jump into a dozen or more “things to do” I moved my Nauvoo diary out of the way, however, it (the diary) seemingly rearranged my priorities. With diary in hand, I opened it up and the spirit of it impressed me to do a review NOW.  With that in mind, here are my thoughts:

I was eager to receive my copy of the Nauvoo Diary as this year draws to a close and 2021 is looming. When I received my copy, I immediately examined its pages, layout and content. I was delightfully surprised at the quality on every level simply because most of my previous desk calendars fall far short of this quality.  It is obvious that Scot and Maurine took great thought in its layout, from the beautiful and uplifting photographs, to the inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout the diary. As well as these wonderful inserts, there is plenty of room left for notes, reminders, organizational to do’s, and family remembrances, with room leftover for other impulsive thoughts. If one has been to Nauvoo, this diary draws you immediately back to those memories and warms the heart. If one has not had the privilege yet, these pages invoke a sweet spirit of connection and imagination that is heart stirring. I would genuinely recommend to anyone who likes to keep their life organized with tactile calendars to purchase a Nauvoo Diary. The cost is very reasonable considering what you get. You will not be disappointed!


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