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One way “Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days” differs from earlier Church histories is it focuses on the lives and stories of ordinary Church members. The third installment in the “Saints” series, “Boldly, Nobly and Independent, 1893–1955,” begins after completion of the Salt Lake Temple and ends with President David O. McKay dedicating the Swiss Temple, the first in Europe. As it portrays world wars, technological changes and unprecedented Church growth, “Saints, Vol. 3” highlights many Latter-day Saint women and their remarkable contributions. Here are some of them:

Toshiko Yanagida

A miscarriage and life-threatening operation fueled a desire within Toshiko Yanagida to find a church to attend. At the suggestion of her father, she visited a Latter-day Saint branch two hours away from her home in Japan. She loved what she found there and began attending every Sunday and weeknight meeting she could.

Her husband, Tokichi, soon became upset at her for spending so much time away from home, telling her she had to choose between the Church and their family. Toshiko prayed for help and experienced miracles in her family. She was instrumental in getting a branch established in her town and was called to be its first Relief Society president.

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