Pride begins with insecurity, a feeling of inferiority. To compensate, the prideful in embryo seek attention.

If not tempered by service to others, they become abnormally self-centered. They can hardly utter a sentence without the words I, me, my, mine. They truly believe they are better than others in all aspects of life.

This self-delusion and urge to feel superior multiplies on itself. Vain imaginations and egotistical interpretations distort reality.

Compliments become insufficient; they want to be worshiped. They come to view themselves as deity and compare themselves to God.

But pride is the antithesis of Christ-like behavior.

Sooner or later pride will always backfire. We have seen a recent example. So sad that an ounce of humility might well have led to success.

Only the humble make it to the top – the true top.

Gary Lawrence is a pollster and the author most recently of “The Magnificent Gift of Agency; To Act and Not Be Acted Upon.”