The following is excerpted from the Church Newsroom. To read the full article, CLICK HERE, the online volunteer portal, is celebrating its 11th anniversary. The platform’s website and app provide a free space for community organizations to post their service needs and give volunteers a centralized listing of local service opportunities. was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which covers its financial costs, as a gift to the world. September 8 marks 11 years since the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church approved its formation.

Since the portal’s beginning, more than 660,000 volunteers have registered for more than 130,000 projects, according to “Caring for Those in Need,” the 2021 Annual Report of The Church of Jesus Christ. More than 13,500 nonprofit, government, religious and community organizations use the platform. was first launched in February 2012 in Silicon Valley, California, and has since expanded to 12 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United Kingdom. This year, France was added to the list, and Chile will come online in October. has an Advisory Council comprising leaders from many charitable organizations and enterprises that focus on volunteer service.

“The great thing about JustServe is how flexible it is, and anything can be posted on there as long as it’s important to the community,” said Sharon Eubank, director of Humanitarian Services for the Church of Jesus Christ. “When I tell people about JustServe I always say there are three aspects to it. Anybody can use it. It’s free. And it’s global.”

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