In my last article, I addressed the problem of the Hesitation Hump – that the curious want a comfortable way to find out about us without the tension of a face-to-face conversation and without the fear of being treated as a sales-technique object. 

Further, I suggested that as we properly prepare friends to hear the missionaries, we must remember that we don’t persuade with pressure; we persuade by removing fears – the things that cause the hesitation.  The curious want a comfortable way to find out about us, at his or her own pace, without (1) the tension of a face-to-face conversation, and without (2) the fear of being treated as a sales object.

So how is this done?  It must be done at a location of their choosing, at a time of their choosing, and in a way of their choosing. 

How about on their own computers in their own homes when they are relaxed and want to read something?

Introducing …

 or its alternate:

As people step through the website, the Introduction page assures them that no one will contact them unless they specifically request it.  It’s all designed to ease the hesitation.  Here’s a sampling of the 30-question survey:

When your friend finishes the survey, a pie chart pops up showing the percentages our beliefs agree and disagree and inviting them to compare positions and learn more about us.  Comfortable as can be.

Then comes a list of the specifics:

At this point, the person can click on any of the topics and up will pop the Historical Background such as this one about Life …

… followed by an elaboration of what we believe about the topic:

Visitors to the website can continue to explore any of the topics at their convenience.  Should they want more information, they can write questions and/or comments in a Question Box and send it to me. 

The Lord has reserved many choice spirits to come to the earth in these latter days.  They were taught the gospel upstairs and it is inside them.  They need information – comparisons between what various churches teach and what we teach – so they can find a home for what they already believe. 

To help them in their pursuit of such a home, may I first suggest you familiarize yourself with this new website.  Go to  or  and fill out the survey as if you were a member of another church.  Then check out a few topics you think a friend of yours would be most curious about. 

To assist you in introducing the website to your special friends – the ones you feel would be excited to learn the truths of the Gospel – I would like to send you a few Curiosity Cards you can give out.  Here’s what the two sides look like:

If you’re interested in trying this new approach to overcome the Hesitation Hump, please send your mailing address to me at …

         Email:  ga**@la**************.com

         Or Text:   714 261 0955

… and tell me how many you would like.   

There is no persuasion without contrast and no one becomes converted without making comparisons, so let’s make it easy for them by letting them have three kinds of missionaries – the elders they happen to meet, friends such as you, and … themselves.

Gary Lawrence is the author of “The Magnificent Gift of Agency” available at Deseret Book and on Amazon.