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Olympic athletes from throughout the world (including some Church members) have been participating in the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.

Through the Olympics, people see personal excellence, perseverance, and commitment put into action. Olympians teach us about overcoming life’s roadblocks, how to eliminate negatives that creep into our minds, how to focus on priorities, and how to reach our potential.

The first Church member to participate in the International Olympics Games was Alma Richards.

In the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, Alma competed in the running high jump. Before his final jump, he walked to a spot on the infield grass, and in full view of an audience of 24.000 people, he took off his hat, kneeled, and said this prayer, “God, give me strength. And if it’s right that I should win, give me the strength to do my best to set a good example all the days of my life.” As soon as he said “Amen” he put his “lucky” hat back on, walked to the end of the runway, and, without hesitation, raced for the bar. He cleared it at 6-feet, 4-inches to set a new world record and earn the gold medal.

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