What does individual recovery from pornography addiction involve? In this third episode of the Illuminate Podcast, host Geoff Steurer speaks with Brandon Bryson about his decades-long struggle to overcome pornography and lust addiction. Brandon began seeking out pornography in early adolescence and didn’t completely stop until just a few years ago (he’s now in his mid-forties). He also opens up on what it’s like to live a double life and why some men make excuses for not telling anyone about their struggles. Here are some other highlights from this episode:
  • Brandon shares his most important advice to men struggling
  • He talks about the common excuses and reasons why men try and handle this on their own without getting outside help.
  • We discuss the role of agency in addiction. If we have the power to choose to stop, why can’t people just stop?
  • Brandon talks about how early exposure and denial kept him from being healthy and honest about this as he grew into adulthood.
  • Brandon reveals his thought process during the years he pretended to be a worthy priesthood holder while secretly viewing pornography.
  • He shares why forming a “band of brothers” in recovery is essential. Why telling one person about your struggle isn’t going to be enough to ensure long-term success.
  • Why you need a place outside of your marriage to talk about your struggles
You can listen to episode one here and episode two here