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Geoff Steurer continues his interview with Jeff Ford, licensed marriage and family therapist and co-director of LifeStar of St. George, UT, about the sensitive topic of disclosure. In this episode, they discuss the following points:

* The differences between disclosing to a bishop versus a spouse
* How do decide who to tell in the disclosure process
* What a woman should do if her husband doesn’t want to open up to others about this
* Why the advice, “stop bringing up the past” isn’t helpful in the disclosure process
* How “letting the past go” is a process, not an event
* What type of information should be shared with a betrayed wife in a disclosure?
* Why the betrayed wife gets the final say about what gets disclosed

Jeff Ford and Geoff Steurer are the co-authors of the Disclosure workbook series published by the LifeStar Network and have professionally guided hundreds of therapeutic disclosures.

For more questions on the disclosure process or to purchase the disclosure workbooks, send an email to: in**@li**************.com.