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Many years ago, I had a miraculous dream showing me the power of God.  In the dream, others and myself were on a large ship.  We were being sought out and destroyed by evil people aboard because of our beliefs. They were searching every cranny and nook.   

We were huddled together below deck, with the light turned off praying mightily for safety.  We heard a man opening the door, and he began walking down the stairs towards us with a flashlight. I prayed fervently that he wouldn’t see us, and I stood very still; heart pounding wildly! The man walked right up to me, shined the light straight in my face. He didn’t see me! He incredibly determined that no one was there and walked back up the stairs.  Into my mind came the words “GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!”  I woke up in breathless amazement…

Truth is, into the lives of His faithful, God often sends miracles, “according to their faith.”[1]  The stronger our faith and belief, the more miracles we can recognize in our day-to-day lives.   Some miracles are big, and some are small, but they all show the power of God for our good.  I’ve had several of you share your miraculous experiences with me.  Read them and prepare to be inspired to see what the Lord can do…

Scripture Miracle

Sherry Simister had a major fall and was required to spend several weeks in a hospital bed lying flat on her back to recuperate. She was not even allowed to lift her head.  One day as she was lying there, she had a tremendous yearning for spiritual direction and felt she could get answers from the scriptures.  She asked a nurse to place the Book of Mormon on her chest.  She writes,

“One day wracked with severe pain, and fearing I would never walk again, I prayed to Heavenly Father to please “open” the scriptures to my mind so that I may hear His counsel.  I could not lift my head to see the page as I opened them up, but suddenly ABOVE the scriptures Heavenly Father shared his message to me. The words rose off the page, – they were in red, – they were words of comfort and assurance that I would walk again and take care of my family!

“When I was finally allowed to lift my head, I searched for the scriptures that he had shown me, and they were not in one place, but were scriptures taken from various chapters. When I realized that, I was in awe that Heavenly Father loved me enough to give me the words I needed to recover.  It’s my prayer that my story may help someone who is struggling… that they will turn to Heavenly Father for help as I did and know his love for them.” [2]

Sherry discovered for herself the marvelous and loving power of the Lord.  HE CAN DO ANYTHING! 

Sometimes the Lord sends miracles using the help of others, as in the next experience.

Deceased Son Allowed to Rescue

Kaylene Skanchy told me about a miraculous experience her husband had. Their son Eric had passed away in a tragic way in 2015, and it was extremely difficult for them.  She writes about how her deceased son was permitted to save her husband’s life:

“One morning my husband absently took a sleeping pill with his other morning medications before heading to work.  He did not get very far before the effects of the sleeping pill started to take effect and he began to fall asleep while driving.  He heard a voice in his head telling him to pull over.

“He doesn’t remember much at all after that, but his car’s tires were shredded from dragging along the curb and then you could see the car tracks as they came within literally inches of the edge of a drop-off down into the water of the Hood Canal. The car tracks then veered away from the edge, crashed through a metal gate and drove down a dirt road missing trees on either side until finally coming to a stop.

“When my husband was discovered, he was pretty incoherent and couldn’t remember anything about how he got there, but after the police report and being checked out at the hospital, he was able to go home.

“The next morning as he lay in bed, just waking up and marveling over what had happened, he heard the voice of our son in his head saying – ‘Dad, I was with you.’ He knew immediately then who had taken control of the steering wheel and steered the car down that dirt road keeping him safe. [3]

This next miraculous account was also provided by angels sent by a loving God.

Hawaii Miracle

The following story was experienced by a woman living in Hawaii.  She writes,

“I’m now nearly 81 years old.  Four years ago, I was walking from my woodshed towards the fire pit when I fell…hard!  I landed flat on my face with my left arm trapped under my body. My right arm was free, but I had dislocated my shoulder and shattered my elbow in the fall.  Never being terribly strong and without the use of my arms, I couldn’t get up.  

“My neighbor on the west side was in his yard, but being deaf, he didn’t have his hearing aids in while he was mowing his back yard.  On the east side, my neighbor had just left the island to go into town.  No one was available to hear my cries for help.

“Bleeding, scared, and quite possibly going into shock, I did the only thing I could think of….I prayed.  I said, “Father, if you are going to take me, please take me quickly because I’m getting really cold.  If not, please help me!”  The next thing I knew, I was STANDING 30 yards away at my garden shed where I had a phone.  

“There is no way I could have been able to get up and walk to the shed by myself.  I firmly believe that angels picked me up and walked me over to where I could call for help.” [4]

Moroni asks and answers a critical question. “…have miracles ceased?  Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men.”[5]

Angels are often used to do the Lord’s bidding, but there are infinite ways that miracles can be expressed in our lives, and if the Lord helps any of these people, He will help you.  He is no respecter of persons![6]

The following experience is my own.  It was a huge boon to me at that time and increased my faith in what God can do…

Closet Miracle

When my children were small, there was a time that I was feeling deeply depressed, and definitely needed spiritual sustenance.  I knew I needed solitude away from my children, so I decided to go in my bedroom closet where I wouldn’t likely be found and I prayed with all my soul,  “Heavenly Father I know you are there, but I can’t FEEL you.  I feel so much anxiety, frustration and depression that I feel like I’m “drowning in blackness!” Please help me!”  After pleading intensely for a few minutes, I suddenly became aware (from one second to the next), that my darkness was completely lifted; like a curtain.  I was instantly filled with peace, joy and bliss. It felt miraculous to me as I had the profound realization that ONLY God could have done that.  There was no way I could have wished that darkness away! 

Yes, God can do anything!  What miracles has he done for you? We need to remember and cherish the miracles that have already been given to us and look forward with wonder at what God will soon orchestrate on our behalf as we petition the Lord for our desires and needs.

More Miracles Are Coming

Elder Neil L. Andersen taught important truths when he said:

“Embrace your sacred memories.  Believe them.  Write them down.  Share them with your family… Trust that they come to you from your Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son.  I promise you that as you willingly acknowledge and carefully treasure the spiritually defining events in your life, more and more will come to you.[7]

Don’t we all crave more spiritual experience and help?  To me, my dream was a metaphor for how God can do “impossible” things in unimaginable ways for our good.  No matter what the odds, there is NOTHING He can’t do! 

This is a day for miracles, and He just happens to be the God of Miracles![8] What miracles does the Lord have in mind for you?  Hold on to your faith, and you’ll find out.

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