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Priesthood blessings are meant to be sacred moments of healing, comfort, and direction. However, many members struggle to reach out and ask for help in times of need. This is especially true of those with mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression. Shame can make it extremely hard to trust others and be vulnerable.

If you find it hard to ask for priesthood blessings, consider how these following suggestions might bolster your strength and give you courage.

Go Through a Loved One

The key to asking for help is to feel safe. When we are asking for priesthood blessings, we are often sharing a deeply personal struggle or trial. If you don’t have a priesthood holder you feel safe talking to, consider talking to someone else you do trust. Express your desire to have a priesthood blessing and ask if they know anyone who would be willing to help.

Copy & Paste

Sometimes the struggle is just finding the right words. You may find you have more courage if you take some time to write down your request and keep it in your phone. You’ll be able to choose the perfect words you are most comfortable with, and then you can just copy and paste them in a text the moment you find the strength to send it out.

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