Scot and Maurine Proctor are joined today by Daniel C. Peterson, retired professor of Islamic Studies and leader of the Middle Eastern texts project at Brigham Young University. He has studied and taught in Israel and Egypt, is the editor of The Interpreter Journal, the author of several books, and the producer of two recent films, Witnesses of the Book of Mormon and Undaunted. His knowledge is vast, and this podcast sheds light on Exodus 7-13 that you may not have realized before.

In Egypt, there are more gods than you can count, and Jehovah makes it clear that not only is He God, but He is the only one who can deliver the covenant people out of bondage. Moses is gradually transformed from one who quakes to think of going before Pharoah to one who has the spiritual strength to lead an enormous group of people into a barren desert and part the Red Sea, with confidence that God is with him.

We had fun talking about this important scriptural moment and everything that is layered into the scripture. We hope you will join us today. A transcript is not available for this podcast.