The following is a collection of articles that correspond with the 11 hidden things found in the Treasures from the Life of Jesus puzzle. Each article tells a little more about the story/reasons why that particular item was included in this puzzle. Feel free to explore them all with your family as you put together the puzzle so that you can all learn a little bit more about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. If you are giving the puzzle as a gift, share this URL: to help your friend or family member find this page.

Hidden Things: A New Meaning for the Rooster that Marked Peter’s Denial

Surely, to many, the sound of that cock’s crow signals failure, weakness, the agony of our collective failure as mortals to stand tall when it is hardest. But I want that sound and that moment to mean something different to you.

Hidden Things: Are We Looking for the Wrong Kind of Loaves and Fishes from the Lord?

What does the story of the loaves and the fishes mean to us? Most of us are quick to think of times when the Lord has multiplied something that didn’t seem like enough. But it’s what the people did after they were fed that I want you to remember.

Hidden Things: Why Are We Told to “Consider the Lilies of the Field”?

It’s an oft-quoted admonition from the Savior’s Sermon on the Mount, not to mention a beautiful song, but what does it really mean to “consider the lilies of the field” and how will this consideration change how you are living right now?

Hidden Things: Who Are the Lost Sheep that Jesus Spoke Of?

When we hear this story, who do we envision? Who has the Good Shepherd left behind and who is He going out to find? It might not be who you think.

Hidden Things: Three Profound Lessons We Can Learn from Jesus’ First Miracle

There are a few profound lessons we may be missing when we skim past this incident and on to more dramatic or intimately personal miracles performed by Christ later on in his ministry. Here are just three.

Hidden Things: Are We Living With Too Little Oil in Our Lamps?

Not only is the oil lamp a compelling image of the ancient world, it also symbolizes light and Jesus Christ is, of course, the light of the world. But the oil lamp also brings to mind a parable that Jesus shared with his followers in Matthew 25. And it is a parable that comes with a warning.

Hidden Things: The Crown of Thorns Meant More than the Mockers Thought

Whoever it was that plaited the crown of thorns to make a cruel mockery of Christ probably didn’t realize just how significant a symbol he was making.