The following is a collection of articles that correspond with the 11 hidden things found in the Treasures of the Restoration jigsaw puzzle. Each article tells a little more about the story/reasons why that particular item was included in this puzzle. Feel free to explore them all with your family as you put together the puzzle so that you can all learn a little bit more about Church history. If you are giving the puzzle as a gift, share this URL: to help your friend or family member find this page.

Hidden Things: The Steamboat Captain that Fulfilled Joseph Smith’s “Last Prophecy”

The following is the first in a series of articles giving greater detail from the stories behind the hidden things in our recently released Treasures of the Restoration jigsaw puzzle. Today we share the amazing background on the Maid of Iowa–the steamboat the carried hundreds of new converts up the Mississippi to Nauvoo.

Hidden Things: When Joseph Smith Took Control of a Runaway Stagecoach, Saving Everyone Onboard

Though Joseph Smith pleaded for divine protection for the saints when they were suffering persecutions in Missouri, he also decided that they should seek protection from the federal government as well. It was on that fateful trip to Washington, D.C. that something dramatic and unexpected happened.

Hidden Things: Five Astonishing Stories About the Building Salt Lake Temple

The 40 years of construction on this beloved structure, the thousands of people that contributed, and the rich legacy they have left us with, are full of interesting and inspiring stories and details worth knowing. Here are just five.

Hidden Things: When John Taylor’s Life was Spared by a Pocket Watch

Why are some people miraculously spared while others are not? An inexplicable incident in the Carthage Jail provides a compelling example of why this might be.

Hidden Things: The Pioneers that Rounded the Horn of South America to Get to the Salt Lake Valley

On February 4, 1846, the very same day the first saints left Nauvoo, a ship known as the Brooklyn set sail out of New York Harbor. It was a cargo ship that had been chartered to carry 70 men, 68 women, and 100 children—238 passengers total—on a voyage that would ultimately total 24,000 miles and take nearly six months.

Hidden Things: What did Joseph Smith Actually Look Like?

Perhaps the easiest hidden thing to spot at a glance as you look at the box of our Treasures of the Restoration jigsaw puzzle is the portrait of the prophet Joseph Smith. But how accurate is this picture of Joseph Smith? What do we know about what he really looked like?