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Editor’s Note: We found this article of interest in light of the admonition to members of the LDS Church to keep food storage. Though the German government’s advice is aimed towards preparing for situations of national emergency, members of the LDS Church find benefits from their preparedness in many other situations as well. 

For the first time since the Cold war the German government is advising its citizens to stock up on water and food for use in the event of a terrorist attack or national emergency, Reuters reports.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved the new civil defence plans despite suggestions the report was scaremongering and Germans mocking the plans on social media using the hashtag “Hamsterkaeufe” (panic-buying, or literally ‘hamster-buying’).

The strategy, unveiled on Wednesday, outlines precautionary steps for scenarios such as terrorism, chemical weapons and cyber attacks, Reuters reports.

The 70-page plan recommends Germans buy five days’ worth of water and 10 days’ worth of food in the event of a national crisis.

It also outlines the need for a more extensive alarm system to alert people when there is an emergency, improved protection for buildings and medical care.

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