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We have certainly had fun trying to gather the Lost Tribes of Israel. About 2,000 readers have responded and thousands more have shared in the fun reading about it. I think you will enjoy the reader comments in this brief article, especially some that relate to Russia and South Africa.

Here are some of the things you have shared:

My dad, a convert, is from Judah. His father was Jewish, from German/Prussian ancestry. His other sibling who also converted to the church is from Ephraim. All of my siblings are from Ephraim as well.

–Rebecca Taylor


I live in the US but my ancestors are from The English Isles.

–Miles Abernathy


I am from the tribe of Ephraim. My ancestors all crossed the plains before the railroad and we come as far as I know out of England and maybe Scotland or Ireland. I love the gospel I love the Lord.

–Patti Shumway


My Genealogy shows that the Arthur line came from Ireland. My DNA shows that I am West European 36%, Great Britain 25% and Ireland 23% with some 8% Scandinavian. Tribe of Ephraim is my Patriarchal Blessing lineage. Born and raised in southern Oregon.

–Marvin “Mike” H Arthur


I am the stake patriarch in the Port Elizabeth, South Africa stake .

I was called about 2 years ago and I have the pleasure of giving +- 60 blessings of which 3 have been very special in that they were of the tribe of Levi.

Thank Heaven for revelation.

–David Spear.


I have loved your articles on Tribes.  It’s such an interesting subject, especially when you get an atypical designation from a patriarch.

I was assigned to Ephraim after I joined the Church in 1969 in Manhattan Beach, California.  My parents came from Texas, and we have ancestors from the Carolinas.  I thought I might be Dan, because a lot of Danites settled in Ireland, and I’m 30% Irish by DNA. I was a little bummed not to be a Danite.

–Bill Dargan


Tribe Judah.

–Deborah Woodruff, Orlando Florida


My husband is from Mexico and is of the tribe of Manasseh, I was born in Utah and am of the tribe of Ephraim. Our four children are all of the tribe of Ephraim. But the interesting thing is that our oldest son’s blessing doesn’t say he is of the tribe of Ephraim, it says that he is heir to his inheritance blessings through the lineage of Joseph and “especially of the tribe of Ephraim unto which the Lord has assigned you.”  It goes on to say he was foreordained to be a servant of the Lord in these latter days and “you shall be called in your life to be actively engaged in preparing this earth for the second coming of the Savior, for it is through Ephraim that this work shall roll forth throughout all the world.”  So he was assigned by the Lord to the tribe of Ephraim because of the work he was foreordained to do.  That has always been very interesting to me.

–Annette Dennis


I am from the United States living in Utah and I am from the tribe of Levi.

–Josh Wilson


My Patriarchal Blessing says I am from Ephraim.  I am from Indiana, U.S.A.


I did not see your recent request. But I am from the tribe of Dan. My dad was born in India and is a native of India and my mom and I were born in Canada. This has been an interesting challenge for me because with so many people being from Ephraim and Manasseh in the church, it makes me wonder if I was not as good in the pre-existence as those who are from Ephraim. I’ve talked to different Patriarchs about this at times. Would love more info about Dan at some point.

–Juanita Verma

[Editor’s note: Any Patriarchs throughout the world who would like to jump in and give us your thoughts on this or any of the tribe comments would be most welcome!]

I am from South Africa.

Tribe Ephraim


Katie Johnson
Layton Utah
Tribe Issachar

The rest of my family is Ephraim.

–Katie Warner


Just read your Facebook post. I really enjoy them. My daughter, who isn’t active in the church, is from the tribe of Issachar. She lives in southern Utah.

–Carolyn Ferrin


I am Ephraim and a lifer. My husband is a convert and he is from Judah and from all over due to his Dad who was in the Air Force. We live in Phoenix, Arizona.

–Jennifer Davis


Hi, I’m Italian and living in the US. My patriarchal blessing states that I belong to the tribe of Ephraim as well as my husband (from Sicily) and our three children. In my husband’s and my children’s patriarchal blessing it is specifically stated that they are literal descendants of the Tribe of Ephraim. Mine is a little more vague but through DNA tests these statements have been confirmed being (my husband and I) in part European Jewish and originally from the Middle East area.

–Daniela B.


Born in Virginia, USA

–Stephanie Shanks


Hi!  I am from the tribe of Ephraim, and I am also from the USA.   This is fun!

–Lorri Perini


Rexburg Idaho

–Arcilee La Pier


I am of the tribe of Ephraim.

I live in Australia.

My family history/ancestry is English, Scottish, Danish and French.

–Debra Black


Thanks very much for Meridian. It has been a great resource. My fourth son was declared to be from the tribe of ISSACHAR. His patriarchal blessing was the most unique among our children and contained many references to temple work. My wife and the rest of our children are from Ephraim. We are from Southern Utah, with British and Scandinavian roots. After my son received this blessing, we did research on Issachar and found interesting things in the bible and in Hebrew tradition.

–Rohn Solomon


There are lots of members from Issachar in Russia, also all the other tribes.  We served a mission there.  Some wards in Moscow had every tribe represented.

–Kathleen Lowe

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