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Dressed in a khaki vest with pockets and a matching safari hat, a young explorer welcomes Friend to Friend viewers and invites them to join in exploring a trail that will teach about the covenant path. She strolls down the animated forest trail, hops over a log and arrives at a small stream. “Water? Why did the path lead me to water?” she asks.

In the next scene, two child hosts on a brightly colored rotating set begin talking about baptism — the first ordinance on the covenant path.

During the remainder of the 25-minute broadcast aired on Feb. 19, the Primary general presidency — President Camille N. JohnsonSister Susan H. Porter and Sister Amy A. Wright — join the hosts and explorer to help children learn more about baptism, the Holy Ghost and the sacrament. 

“I want you to know that Heavenly Father loves you,” President Johnson told Primary children worldwide at the conclusion of the event. “He sent you to earth with a special purpose. As you follow the example of Jesus Christ, you will be blessed with strength to stay on the covenant path, even when it gets hard. And as you make covenants and follow Jesus Christ, you can love and serve others and remind them that they are loved by their Heavenly Father too.”

The second Face to Face-style event of its kind, the Friend to Friend originated in English, Spanish and Portuguese and included interactive activities, videos and songs focused on the covenant path. 

Similar to the 2021 Friend to Friend, this broadcast is made of shorter segments designed to be resources for parents and Primary leaders to use over and over again.

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