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The Church is preparing to hold For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences in the United States and Canada beginning in the summer of 2021. Youth will participate in up to five days of devotionals, classes, and activities and engage in inspired learning opportunities and wholesome social experiences. These will help youth strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and feel joy and belonging as they live the gospel.

The top priority for FSY conferences is to provide opportunities for the youth to strengthen their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ while taking into consideration the safety of all who participate. Based on current information from medical and government officials, preparations are being made to hold FSY conferences in 2021, so please reserve the dates your ward is assigned to attend. Church leaders are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 in all areas of the world. Based on updated information and local restrictions, the format of the conference may be changed or sessions may be postponed. If needed, an alternative youth activity will be provided. All affected units will receive additional communication as soon as decisions are made.

Additional information is below, including the request to recommend young single adults to serve as volunteer counselors, call stake and ward FSY representatives, and approve youth to attend FSY. The first six sections are applicable to all stakes, including young single adult stakes, regardless of what year the stake is invited to attend FSY. The last three are applicable to stakes invited to attend FSY in 2021.

2021 For the Strength of Youth Conferences Information and Guidelines

FSY conferences are an important part of the Children and Youth effort, and we encourage all eligible youth to make every effort to attend. Due to the volume and logistical complexity of registering local units, wards will not be allowed to request to attend during specific weeks, opt out of or request changes for their assigned session, or switch assignments with other units. We recognize that assigned weeks may interfere with previously planned activities, such as youth camps, but we request that you make the necessary changes to your summer activity schedule to ensure your ward can attend the assigned FSY session.

Please see below for information about youth who are unable to attend the FSY conference with their ward during the assigned week.

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