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A new feature in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) allows Church leaders to assist members in gathering information on deceased family members to do proxy baptisms and confirmations in the temple. Family Name Assist requires no family history research, and it creates natural opportunities for meaningful conversations about eternal families between leaders and members of their congregation.

As bishopric members or branch presidents complete a temple recommend interview, they can ask the member if there is a specific deceased family member for whom they would like to perform a temple baptism and confirmation. Simple prompts will then guide them to enter basic information the member recalls about their family. This information is automatically added to FamilySearch, and family name cards are generated for printing.

Alternatively, other ward leaders with access to Leader and Clerk Resources can be invited to guide members through this experience. If the member cannot recall specific family information, leaders can also use Family Name Assist to automatically find names and print family name cards for other deceased individuals the member can serve.

Family Name Assist creates opportunities for members to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost as they remember loved ones and prepare to serve them in the temple. These powerful, strengthening experiences can be particularly meaningful to new and returning members and youth who are preparing to enter the temple for the first time.

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