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In a world where entertainment is becoming increasingly mature and complex, it can be tough for families to find wholesome movies that everyone can watch together and enjoy. Living Scriptures recognizes the importance of family-friendly content and continues to expand their offerings. They have added new shows and movies that appeal to various age groups and interests, as well as bringing back some of the classics in Latter-day Saint cinema.

From animated films to heartwarming features and series – there is plenty of content for families to choose from. “At Living Scriptures, our mission has always been to help families come together and enjoy uplifting and wholesome entertainment that strengthens their bond. With our streaming service, we want everyone to have access to quality content that allows them to learn, grow, and have fun together, all within the comfort of their own home. Our commitment to providing families with enlightening, entertaining movies and shows is fueled by a desire to support their spiritual growth and create memorable experiences that they can cherish for years to come,” stated Matt Brown, CEO of Living Scriptures.

Aside from providing a diverse range of titles, Living Scriptures also has tools to enhance the family viewing experience. Tools such as, being able to download to your device, 100% ad free, and kids can make their own profiles. There are over 5,000 titles making it easy to find values-based entertainment.

It’s an exciting time for Living Scriptures streaming as they continue to release some highly anticipated titles throughout the year. The platform has long been a source for some of the best faith-based content, and it’s no surprise that they’re continuing to deliver with new releases that will please old and new fans alike. Movies like Singles Ward, The Best Two Years, and Church Ball, beloved classics, are sure to bring back fond memories for those who loved them. The platform is also offering some new films, such as Jane & Emma, which has already received critical acclaim, and the Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God concert film that will give audiences a chance to experience inspiring music. And of course, fans of Once I Was a Beehive will be thrilled to see that Lisa Valentine Clark is back in the sequel, Once I Was Engaged. Finally, their most recent release, Mission Stories, which has already won awards, promises to offer an uplifting message of faith and hope that the platform is known for.

Movies are a powerful medium that can bring us together and inspire emotions and understanding. They can make us laugh, cry, grow, and learn together in ways that few other mediums can. Overall, it’s clear that Living Scriptures streaming is the ultimate destination for all things uplifting and inspiring.