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“According to Bankrate’s [annual emergency fund report], only 44% of Americans could pay a $1,000 emergency expense from their savings. More than one-third of adults have more credit card debt than emergency savings.”

This is a disturbing problem in America, and I say this with no judgment. In the financial chaos that followed my divorce, there were times when I did not have $1,000 in savings to pay for an emergency. Thankfully, I live in much more abundance now.

Think about the word “emergency.” An emergency might be a major car repair like a transmission overhaul, which normally costs more than $1,000. Where would you be without your car for a month or more? An emergency might be an unforeseen medical or dental expense for you or one of your children.

I know that, today, some of you feel like you are drowning—like all you can think about is your next breath and can’t even think about what you are going to do about breathing five minutes from now. I have been there, and I get it. I know how close to the edge of homelessness some of you are. With that understanding, I challenge you to set a goal of saving $1,000 for unforeseen emergencies and having that fund intact within six months.

You may be reading this and asking “how?” Here’s how:

  1. Pray for It:
    • Pray, believing the Lord will help you. After you have prayed for it the first time, give thanks to God that this blessing is coming.
  2. Save Every Windfall:
    • Save every extra dollar you receive until you have $1,000 in a separate account. Birthday money, high tips, or even found money—bank it all.
  3. Cut Your Budget:
    • Reduce unnecessary expenses. Explain to your children why a single $10 birthday gift is necessary. Avoid dining out, buying luxury items, and cancel unnecessary subscriptions until your emergency fund is complete.
  4. Be Creative:
    • Consider side jobs like data entry from home, extra hours at work, or neighborhood services like laundry, tutoring, or recycling.
  5. Pay Your Tithing:
    • Trust in God and pay your tithing. This is an act of faith. Trust that He will open the windows of Heaven and bless you for your faithfulness.

Friends, I promise you that if you make it a priority to put together a $1,000 emergency fund, it will change your life. If you discipline yourself to save $1,000 on a meager income, you will find yourself being careful not to invade those sacred funds to spend on non-essentials. You will eventually expand your emergency fund to cover larger emergencies. You will develop the confidence that you can save for other things too—such as a professional licensing course, a sewing machine for tailoring services, or other ventures. The important part is that you will gain confidence in your ability to save money—even on a very slim budget.

I realize some of you are subsisting on $1,000 (or even less) per month and putting together a $1,000 fund you cannot spend except in a true emergency seems overwhelming. But I believe in you. Make this a priority. Make it a matter of prayer and seek God’s help. Be open to learning, growing, and showing your children what grit and determination look like. I hope you will take this challenge! I believe in you!


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