What if you could combine the kind, kid-friendly, repetitive patterns of a Mister Rogers with the fascination of watching someone create art like a Bob Ross?  And what if that person used those means to teach valuable stories/principles/applications from the Book of Mormon FOR KIDS? 

Well, David Bowman, creator of the Who’s Your Hero?  Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children series, has done just that in his new video series titled DRAWN IN.

“I wanted to create videos that help families with children get ENGAGED in the Book of Mormon,” explains David.  “To do that, you have to speak the language of kids.  There is so much power in the Book of Mormon, for any age, if one discovers the principles in the stories/sermons and then applies those principles to their own level.”

The DRAWN IN series consists of 2 videos per week that coincide directly with that week’s Come Follow Me Curriculum.  They are about 14 minutes in length, give or take a few minutes.  In addition, supplemental PDF downloads help foster the application of the principles found in the videos throughout the week.  These consist of “Now It’s MY Turn” Weekly Challenge sheets, coloring pages, and Power Verse reminders.  Here’s a sample episode, Enjoy!

Is it working?  Here’s what parents are saying already about DRAWN IN:

  • I love how we can apply these! The kids see and remember and we talk about the Drawn In principles throughout the week: obedience/homework/sports with a soft heart/hard heart (really focusing on the bounce-back and doing hard things!!!) I am so grateful for this Drawn In. It really helps tie everything together and helps us – visually and then through application – focus on a few principles which really drive it home for the kids. Nephi is a common topic now (verses Paw Patrol, princesses, Harry Potter, etc) and I think that is AWESOME!!!
  • I feel there is a perfect amount of humor mixed with sincerity and gospel learning.  We all get such a kick out of the hand-characters and we love the pattern for learning the principles– story, principle, apply..
  • I have 3 boys, ages 14, 11, and 7. My oldest son has Autism. He enjoys watching the videos over and over. We never get tired of them. His favorite, so far, is Do Hard Things. I love hearing my boys laugh, and they love David’s sense of humor! I thought about videoing them this morning as they were gathered around the computer as they interacted with the video. They laugh, and yell “Principle of Power”, and enjoy what they are learning! I know they will not forget these things.

What is so captivating about DRAWN IN?

According to David, It all goes back to Mister Rogers and Bob Ross.

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“I loved watching Mister Rogers as a kid,” David remembers.  “He was like your second dad, with this calm, soothing demeanor.  You never got tired of watching him changing his shoes and hang up his clothes each episode as he sang “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.”  These repetitive patterns resonate with children.  I also loved how he used puppets to help teach his lessons.  As a kid, these puppets became real people to me!  Overall, you just got the sense that Mister Rogers cared about you personally.  I’ve tried to incorporate all these philosophies in my DRAWN IN series.”

From Mister Bowman’s initial greeting – “Hey friends!  Welcome to DRAWN IN” – to his turning his art desk light on at the beginning of each episode (and off at the end), to his POWER VERSE and PRINCIPLE OF POWER segments, to his finishing each episode by singing a verse of Book of Mormon stories of his own creation to recap the video’s content…  every episode of DRAWN IN is packed full of repetitions.  Kids know what to expect.  And they know to expect a different hand puppet every episode!  These different “Mr. ________ Hand” guest visitors ask questions that help move the teaching along and just add a lot of fun!  As David says, “Laughter leads to learning.”

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“And who didn’t love watching Bob Ross work his magic on a canvas!” Bowman continues. “He would blow your mind by effortlessly turning a blank canvas into some beautiful landscape work of art.  With the flick of his pallet knife, he’d instantly create a ‘happy tree’, all while telling you there’s “No mistakes, just happy accidents.”  What a guy!”

David has always loved to draw.  He majored in Illustration at BYU, and now takes his talent to the overhead camera above his drawing desk.  He captivates kids with sped up drawings of Book of Mormon stories, characters, expressions, and modern day situations. 

In the DRAWN IN videos, David even takes out his scissors, glue sticks, straws, etc. and literally moves drawings by hand, slaps drawings over drawings to change expressions, creating rudimentary animated effects.   David explains that at first he felt he should have fancy animations, but then thought twice about it.  “If I’m trying to speak the language of kids, then I should do things that kids do.  Cut things out, glue things, move things, use little props… this is the way kids play!  My six year old is ALWAYS cutting something out and taping it together into some jimmy-rigged masterpiece,” David chuckles.

David sums up his feelings about the DRAWN IN series and all of his artistic teaching endeavors.  “I just want to do whatever I can to give tools to parents to help the scriptures make a lasting impact on their children.  They are such impressionable young minds, so let’s keep impressing upon them the good stuff!”