Could your family use a little boost of “Come Follow Me” VARIETY and FUN?? 

Perhaps the “newness” of the new Come Follow Me year has worn off a little.  In the curriculum, many of the early, exciting, well-known church history events are behind us now and the next 50 or so sections are great doctrinally… but don’t have a lot of storyline to capture the interest of kids and teens.  Is CFM enthusiasm starting to wane as your family heads into summer?

Well, DRAWN IN can help!

DRAWN IN is a weekly video series that goes directly with the CFM curriculum.  It’s objective?  Create a scripture video experience for the entire family that facilitates all the things families try to accomplish during CFM time (reading, marking, sharing, testifying, bonding) — and have a whole lot of FUN doing it! 

Here’s a sample FULL episode & a MUSIC VIDEO excerpt from another episode (see what happens when you combine Parley P. Pratt & “Frozen”.  Oh boy)



“Laughter and learning — the two go hand in hand,” explains DRAWN IN creator, David Bowman.  “Children and youth need to know that gospel learning can be fun too!  The Holy Ghost is not one-dimensional.  When I taught seminary, I called it ‘FOCUSED FUN’.  Its striking that balance of reverence and light-hearted humor that makes the gospel so much more enticing for the young and young at heart.”

The idea for DRAWN IN came from David’s best-selling Who’s Your Hero? Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children series.  He wanted to take the premise behind those books to the next level: that is, draw the same scripture heroes, their stories, principles, and applications; but do it in a WEEKLY video format.  Sort of a Mister Rogers/Bob Ross/seminary teacher triple combination.  

So, Jan 1, 2020… the first episode of DRAWN IN was released. 

When COVID took the world by storm in March of last year, DRAWN IN suddenly became even more valuable.  With church meetings cancelled worldwide, thousands of families utilized this resource to enhance their at-home study of the Book of Mormon.  David reflects:

“I feel very blessed to have helped provide a gospel teaching resource during such an unprecedented, challenging, and isolated time.  It’s neat how the Holy Ghost guides all of us with ideas and promptings at just the right times it seems, to help God’s work move forward.”  Now, with many of us beginning to return to church, Bowman hopes that families will continue to prioritize their AT HOME gospel study with that same fervor they had during the past year.

One unique feature of DRAWN IN is its ability to engage ALL ages.  Whether they’re young children, teenagers, parents, even grandparents – everyone seems to find something for them.  When asked about that, David admits that he tries to follow what he calls the Disney Model. 

“When you watch a Disney animated movie, the kids are drawn to the visuals, the animation, and the sight-gag humor.  But the story lines, characters, struggles, themes, and humor are actually much more mature in nature.  They’re geared towards the adults.  So, while the younger children are enthralled at their level, the older teens and parents are just as engaged – laughing, cheering and even shedding a tear or two (case in point: end of Toy Story 3.  >sniff<).”

“I try to do the same with DRAWN IN.  I want families to experience the excitement of the scriptures together.  So, I do drawings and silly hand puppets that occasionally break into song (kids love that), but they’re often singing a gospel lyric-ed version of an 80’s classic that the parents will appreciate.  I don’t over-simplify the gospel teaching so as to be only at a child level; but instead, use actual scripture wordings, principles, and applications that ALL ages can relate to.  And, I like to add interactive things like discussion questions, quick challenges, scripture marking, draw-along segments, and activities (such as the “Shower-Mom-With-Compliments” challenge) that everyone can enjoy.  I find that young people thrive off of consistency and dependable patterns (like a Mister Roger’s episode), but that they also love variety and being surprised.  DRAWN IN tries to do both.”

Most importantly, David Bowman acknowledges that all these strategies and elements of DRAWN IN are just a means to one end: sharing the LOVE of the SAVIOR. 

“When I hear stories of kids/teens sharing their testimonies with their families after an episode, of gospel principles sinking into their hearts and how they started APPLYING those principles on their own, of families feeling Jesus closer to them, of getting ‘drawn in’ to Him… that’s what makes it all worth it.  That’s why I do this.”

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