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May 8, 2021

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Lennis HallDecember 29, 2016

My father, Leo was working in Nevada or somewhere and when he came back the road into New Harmony was blocked by snow drifts. So he walked the entire distance in on foot, even though it was extremely difficult in order to check on us, his family. When they were able to clear the road with the snow machines, which I'm not sure where they came from because normally there just snow plows for clearing roads and in this case not up to the task, they went by his pickup and the force of the snow coming out of the machines broke the windows in his pickup. He was really mad about it because that was his only vehicle at the time and he needed it to get back to work. The entire town was stranded for two or more weeks. I remember the Air Force dropping hay in areas to feed the cattle and the mail and food being dropped as well. I was in first grade and being young didn't realize the danger we were in. To me the snow was a great opportunity to have fun sledding the large piles of snow.



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