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October 6, 2022

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JewelfoxDecember 24, 2016

@Tom Johnson -- To those who receive, more will be added. To those who do not receive, what they already have will be taken away from them.

Pamela SmithDecember 21, 2016

No Millenial today, it seems, can begin a sentence without stating the word, "So," in front of it. Or doing the same with the word, "Okay." Some clever Millenials preface their sentences with BOTH strung together! "So, okay, . . ." And there exists no Kardashian on the planet who doesn't use the word, "like" liberally in every single sentence they utter. Do they, like, not realize, like, how, like, irritating it is to, like, listen to, like, any of them? Also, if you are a retail worker and are not physically standing within ten feet of the door when I walk in, to actually greet me, please do not yell "WELCOME!" to me across the store, for it doesn't actually make me FEEL welcomed to be yelled at like that. And lastly, if you are a retail worker at Anthropologie, "Welcome In" is no more hip a greeting than plain 'ol "Welcome". Just fyi.

Brad ADecember 21, 2016

Like you're like way like off with like this list. Like couldn't you like think of like another word to like eliminate?

Tom JohnsonDecember 21, 2016

I enjoyed your list, Mark. Yes, do away with "perfect"--it seems to be a Utah thing. Also, "cha" as in "you betcha" and "won'tcha." "Little" is totally over-used to modify every noun. One of the most common mis - spellings on Utah billboards is "it's" for "its." And political correctness is hard to keep up with--first it was "Negro", then "black", then "African-American"; likewise, "gay", then "LGBT", then "LGBTQ."

Mike M.December 21, 2016

Add "Awesome!" to the list. I get so tired of hearing 20-30 somethings in some customer service job say that when I give them some information, slide my debit card, sign my name, etc. I'm tempted to say, "What's awesome about what I just did?"

Jim HastingsDecember 21, 2016

Two thumbs up!....humorous and fun and true.....tks.



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