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October 28, 2020

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CarolynDecember 14, 2016

It does sound like a lot but all on mine fits in a small carry on size plastic container, except for the umbrella. All of the people mentioned in the article left home in good weather so you can't always avoid problems. Your college age kids will travel even when the weather says no if they want to get home for a holiday. If their and your trunks are prepared you shall not fear. Much depends on where you live but for us seeing kids attending college in Utah and Idaho means travel thru isolated areas and we have been caught more than once in weather that was not forecast. We must all be prayerful and prepare accordingly.

Mike TurnerDecember 14, 2016

Sounds like you would have to fill your trunk completely if you took all of the suggested items. Good to have emergency supplies, but the real keys to safety are avoiding isolated areas, letting others know your destination, avoiding bad weather and snowed in areas, and always having winter clothing and water in the car anywhere you drive during cold weather.



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