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August 4, 2020

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justiredDecember 2, 2016

If Romney is smart, in my opinion he wouldn't take the job. A resignation would come quickly when ordered to do something improper! And I know Romney is smart, so I don't think it will happen. Maybe the "mending fences" comment above is the best explanation for the meeting.

CharlieBrown2292November 26, 2016

Besides the fact that Romney uttered the harshest possible comments concerning Trump's Presidential candidacy, Romney has got very powerful and influential ennemies within the Trump administration, such as Newt Gingrichor or Mike Huckaby. It would therefore take a lot of independent judgement and drive from Trump's part to disregard such advice and appoint Romney anyway. Well, we shall see...

CraigNovember 25, 2016

He shouldn't pick Romney. Not for Secretary of State in any regard. I voted for Romney in 2012 was proud to do so, but I don't think foreign policy is his expertise. He would flourish at treasury, but given our current geopolitical climate and all the threats we face as a nation Mitt Romney is not the man for that job.

KefNovember 23, 2016

I think picking Romney would be a mistake. Trump met with him to mend that fence. Romney has no foreign policy experience and we do not need a rookie doing on the job training. We have had that in that position too many times before. The world would see a man that called the President a con man and a fraud. There are lots better picks out there.

LibertyNovember 23, 2016

If Trump is smart, he won't pick Romney - globalist, establishment Republican type and father of Obamacare. Choose Freedom!



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