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December 8, 2023

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JonathanMay 24, 2020

Lawful parents have the right to visit, comfort, and serve their children in a hospital or asylum. That does not give the children the right or ability to leave whenever they wish. I have asked many people over the years whether those who choose the Telestial Kingdom, or even Outer Darkness are still God's children. What do you think? The answers to me thus far have been quick and unanimous. If we choose the Covenant Path and exaltation, but our children choose one of the other options, we can go visit them as often as we want. We'll be gods.

David HallOctober 7, 2016

Yes, Elder Bednar clarified that Joseph Smith was likely misquoted and that he never promised that wayward children would be saved simply because of the faithfulness of their parents. Here is what he said in his article that appeared in the March 2014 Ensign: The statements by Joseph Smith and Orson F. Whitney are construed by some members of the Church to mean that wayward children unconditionally receive the blessings of salvation because of and through the faithfulness of parents. However, this interpretation is moderated by the fact that the most complete account of the Prophet’s sermon was not available to Church historians at the time they compiled an amalgamated version of his teachings from the notes of Willard Richards and William Clayton. In the more complete set of notes recorded by Howard and Martha Coray, Joseph Smith is shown to have qualified his statement to make the promised blessings conditional upon the obedience of the children: “When a father and mother of a family have [been sealed], their children who have not transgressed are secured by the seal wherewith the Parents have been sealed. And this is the Oath of God unto our Father Abraham and this doctrine shall stand forever.”

David FOctober 7, 2016

If God has the power to return and seal wayward children to their faithful parents, and God is the most faithful and parent to us all, is there any record of prophetic teaching that God has the power to bring ALL of His wayward children back home to Him?

PaulOctober 6, 2016

Elder David A. Bednar has given the best explanation on this issue in his March 2014 Ensign article “Faithful Parents and Wayward Children: Sustaining Hope While Overcoming Misunderstanding.” (See also Elder David A. Bednar to CES, Broadcast Aug 2, 2011.) He properly balances the power and blessings of temple covenants with personal agency and accountability. Furthermore, he is careful not over extend the blessings of the sealing power to those that do not merit such blessings. Faithfulness and obedience, “upon which all blessings are predicated,” is required of the children as a prerequisite to receiving the blessings of being sealed to their parents (D&C 130:20-21). The reception of ordinances cannot negate the requirement of obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. Otherwise, salvation would come automatically to all “that one soul shall not be lost” through living or vicarious ordinances, which would deny the justice of God and make His word void (Moses 4:1).

Kelli DOctober 6, 2016

This is so confusing. Please explain to me how this does not contradict what President Uctdorf just said at the General Women's Broadcast. He said that Gid would not interfere with another's agency. So what if a child doesn't want to follow in the path of their parents? What if they don't want to be found?

Kim ChristensenOctober 6, 2016

I was surprised you didn't mention Elder Bednar's comments a couple years ago regarding the Lord not interfering with our wayward children's free agency by some sealing power forcing them to come back to the fold.



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