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June 23, 2021

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D.J. FullerOctober 5, 2016

Not sure why this is being considered big news. So what? To manage a global church we must stay abreast of pertinent issues. Smart move in leadership, nothing secretive about that! Religious freedom is under attack everywhere and information is key to solving problems that might arise. Do wonder what the person(s) expected to gain from this however.

Charlene PinedaOctober 4, 2016

From the reports I've heard, it sounded like there was going to be something in these videos that would question the way the General Authorities administer the church. All this tells me is the General Authorities are smart men who take their responsibilities very seriously and keep abreast of the goings on in the world. It only makes me proud to be a member of the church.

John NisholsonOctober 4, 2016

So someone leaked: no big deal about contents: we all experience people getting offended at something you say: get over it, it's a part of life today. I am more concerned about the leaker: he needs to be outed! How wonderful to hear that our General Authorities keep themselves undated on current affairs! Let's see if the Vatican can do the same:AND get leaked? Son of Nun



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