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August 18, 2022

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Jayne JonesOctober 2, 2016

A few years ago I was taking a class online. One of the items that was presented was about communication between individuals. A study was cited that had determined that only 10% of communication was that of written words (texting), 25% verbal (phone). and the other 65% was body language. We are missing a lot of communication with our over use of technological devices. Maybe we should put them down and really communicate with one another.

Kathleen FulmerSeptember 21, 2016

Sad, but true. I am one that talks to everyone I encounter and find it uplifting and usually a learning experience of some sort.

Lynda Turner-KreinerSeptember 21, 2016

Awesome lesson for all of us on a college campus or on the campus of everyday life. I was standing in the line at the supermarket the other day and had decided before I went to take a Book of Mormon with me to read in line, instead of reading it from my phone. Well, I picked a long, slow line and began to read. Shortly after starting to read, a woman asked me if I was reading the 'Mormon Book.' I told her I was, and showed her the cover and said, "It's the Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ." She told me that she had always wanted to read the book and asked me how to get one. I promptly wrote my name and phone on the inside cover and gave her my copy. I told her that if she prayed before reading it, to find the truth, that the Lord would surely show her the wonderful truth in this precious book. She thanked me. Our technological devices can prevent us from a lot of important moments and I have learned not to use my cell phone to read the BOM in lines at the grocery store. Thanks for teaching another important Lesson!



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