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September 24, 2021

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Lori LabrumSeptember 8, 2016

I agree with your insights in this article, but I am wondering if anyone has every thought of another problem that might be holding a few people from stretching themselves. I love to play the organ for sacrament meeting and hope I always have that calling in our ward. But because I have a calling, I have been been called to anything else. It used to bother me and Imwondered why the Lord didn't need me somewhere else. Now I look at it as a blessing because I can continue on even in my older years. But it is hard to say my family has been blessed through my years of service. I never took part in a girls camp with my three daughters, or a youth conference. Never taught a Primary class, or helped in Relief Society. I was our ward activity chairmanperson once, but the church cancelled that position! Brother Holland gave a talk once where he responded to a sister's comment that the Lord only needed her in the nursery. His response was something to the effect that he wished he was as blessed and loved by the Lord as much as she was that she didn't need to prove herself in any other way. My dream is to play the organ until the day I die,mthe advance to the organ in heaven.



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