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September 29, 2020

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Carole McLaughlinSeptember 13, 2016

Absolutely NO. This would go against everything that stands to reason. God is the creator and when we think we are greater than God something is really wrong. There are so many other good things to use the dollar for in researching the cures for illnesses.

Faye GirsbergerSeptember 7, 2016

On the chance that my comment will be read after the Sept 6th cutoff date, I would like to say, "No, don't experiment with animals/humans in this way. Remove tax-payer funding for this type of research."

Layne and Reeda DeLangeSeptember 6, 2016

This is totally unethical not to mention sick and wrong. Man has no business experimenting with God's creations. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Ana De La MelenaSeptember 6, 2016

This is Wrong! The government has done enough things without the consent of the people! We have to stop this.

Bill GraySeptember 6, 2016

When I actually read the proposed regulations on NIH's website, it appears that the regs will further limit such experimentation. Isn't that a good thing? Am I misreading them?

MicheleSeptember 5, 2016

Shades of The Island of Dr. Moreau!

Lee and Barbara BindrupSeptember 5, 2016

This is so immoral and messing with creations that are only God's! What kind of people would even consider such a thing?!!! And using tax payer funds! This must be stopped!

sheri lopezSeptember 5, 2016

This just shows me how close we are to the end of days. It just amazes me. We cant even get along based on the color of our skin and yet we want to try this? I can see why the Lord was constantly weeping for us and all the Prophets.

Carolyn RohloffSeptember 5, 2016

No this is out of bounds. God created life. No research in this area as it is immoral. Tax payer money should be used in other ways than messing with creation of human-animal hybrids. NO!

Laura AdamsSeptember 5, 2016

NO, I do not think we should fund or even think about doing this kind of research. The creations that are here are God's creations. We should not try to mix it up that way.

Janice and Bill PeacockSeptember 5, 2016

I totally disagree with this idea. Man is not God!



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