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February 21, 2024

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Dennis IsaacsonSeptember 4, 2016

Awesome insights on personal prayer! It's so easy for us to get caught up in ritualized mundane prayers. I've seen this happen with me and my family, as we try to pray often. Thanks for helping me to see a better way, and sharing something profound that I can now share with my family!

Craig NortonSeptember 1, 2016

It has always been my feeling that however a person offers up the desires of their heart is the proper way to pray. I'm not so methodical that I have to analyse and think about my conversation with Father. I feel that he knows me and knows when I need help. Addressing our Father as one would address a king or royal person with pomp and flowery speech is not what he wants from us. He has told us to address him as Father......and so I do.

Herm OlsenSeptember 1, 2016

Wonderful insights. I guess I intuitively knew that the prayer pattern for a 6 yr. old may not necessarily work for a 66 yr. old. This is a liberating notion, and I am grateful.



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