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March 28, 2023

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KurtAugust 25, 2016

The Word of Wisdom's four prohibitions, as clarified by Church leaders, are tobacco, alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea. The Lord certainly could have given explicit counsel regarding fish and dairy, yet He did not. The D&C states that we should not be commanded in all things, and the Lord expects us to use our judgment regarding other foods. There may be problems with some fish. And more importantly, modern-day wheat (with little or no resemblance to wheat grown in 1833) raises even greater concerns.

Nadine AndertonAugust 25, 2016

I find several things in this otherwise interesting and informative article rather disturbing. One is the use of the phrase "It has been revealed that . . . " when it appears that what follows is not prophetic revelation but likely quite otherwise - very loaded language! Another is the inference that the Word of Wisdom either encourages or discourages the eating of eggs or milk - it does neither. However, there are many scientific studies which inform us about the risks of consuming fish, milk, and eggs from which any person can form their own opinions and make their own choices. Much better than maligning those who choose differently than themselves, which this article seems to do. Jane Birch's book gives excellent scientific and doctrinal references which provide a starting point.

Melanie SteinAugust 24, 2016

Thank you Bro. Millet, for a thoughtful and alternative view point on a "Word of Wisdom" Diet. Too often various diet trends become "religions." The Word of Wisdom is not nearly as specific or supportive of vegetarian/vegan views as some authors would have us believe. (See the following quote from this article). I am grateful for your contribution to this topic. Certainly everyone should give thoughtful consideration to what food we consume, but the Word of Wisdom also provides for considerable agency. "Various popular vegetarian and vegan diets are promoted as Word of Wisdom diets when they really go far afield from what the Word of Wisdom actually recommends with often amazing specificity and precision. We are also blessed with counsel by modern prophets and apostles, the most recent prophets the most important, as we strive to qualify for the great blessings listed for obedience to this great revelation, the Word of Wisdom."

ElaineAugust 24, 2016

Thank you for this article. It is more sensible than those who are saying all meat and dairy is forbidden, which is an extreme interpretation of the WOW.

Craig FrogleyAugust 24, 2016

I found this interesting: Joseph here directed us to get a supply of dried codfish. He said fish was much healthier for us to eat than meat, and the use of fish in warm weather was not prohibited in the Word of Wisdom. George A. Smith, Journal, Juvenile Instructor, Writings of Early Latter-day Saints 322 - 23.)

Jane BirchAugust 24, 2016

I love the beautiful stories from the New Testament in this article, but we do not find in scripture, modern revelation, or official Church teachings the idea that fish is a necessary part of our modern diet, much less fish in abundance. Just because a food was an important part of the diet in some ancient cultures does not make it a healthy part of a modern diet. The Bible records that Jesus created wine out of water and He and His prophets drank wine, but that doesn't mean we should do so today. Today we know that whole plant foods provide far superior nutrition without any of the downsides of fish consumption. Some of those downsides include too high levels of fat, cholesterol and animal protein. In addition, seafood today is a major culprit in food-borne illness and the majority of the fish have been contaminated with environmental pollutants, including mercury and other dangerous chemicals. No wonder the Lord does not recommend fish in the Word of Wisdom. Heavy fishing is now destroying our oceans and causing environmental damage worldwide. With the number of people on this earth today, if everyone did as this well-meaning article suggests, it would destroy the health of the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers and thus destroy the lifeblood of this planet. Fish supply important calories and nutrients when the more wholesome plant foods are unavailable or insufficient, but most of us are blessed today with an overabundance of healthy, wholesome plant foods. For more on why fish is harmful to our health and to the environment in the modern world, see:

PaulaAugust 24, 2016

If you eat fish I would suggest that you catch it yourself from a mountain stream. Polluted oceans and lakes should make one wary about eating fish. Ever seen a documentary about farmed salmon and what they feed them? Disgusting. Read the label on the package and if it says that it came from China, put it back. I'll stay with a whole food plant based diet.



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