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September 29, 2022

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Andrew R.August 26, 2016

"many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God" If you are inferring that you expect a revelation to allow for same-sex sealing then I would not hold your breath. Such a revelation would undo so much current church doctrine, not to mention scripture, that it would shatter our entire basis for the Plan of Salvation.

GregAugust 25, 2016

Thank you for sharing this important research that goes through over 200 peer-reviewed articles. I have read the entire report and it provides a detailed analysis of information from leading international scholars and researchers. The reason why this report is so important is that it pulls from so many sources and from so many places. I also have to note that the above commenter (Devin) is incorrect when he mistakenly links blacks receiving the priesthood and interracial marriage to gay marriage. Gay marriage is apostasy, as even so recently declared in our Church Handbook of Instructions. Blacks receiving the priesthood and interracial marriage are not apostate actions, nor were they ever. We know this is a frequent argument used by those who want to see same-sex couples be married in the temple and homosexual relationships be condoned in the church. It simply will not happen because 1) it has always and forever will be against the law of chastity and being in a homosexual relationship is apostasy and 2) homosexuality and the unions thereof are contrary to the nature of the entire plan of salvation. The very purpose of our existence is for men and women to unite to create children and be in family units, as outlined by the pattern from God in scripture, modern revelation and the temple. Our entire doctrine will not change on this issue. Mark my words.

LydiaAugust 24, 2016

How about the handedness studies and the fraternal birth order studies which strongly point to a biological component to homosexuality due to the mother's hormones affecting a fetus before birth? And what about the John/John case (carried out by Dr. John Money) that supports the latest research concerning transgender identities? I guess I have seen evidence suggesting that our societal concept of gender is inaccurate. But it is the binary nature of our current concepts of gender that is historically unique. Before the expansion of the West (and the crushing fist of colonization), Hawaii, Madagascar, and Native American cultures expressed three, four, and even five genders.

Purple RayonAugust 24, 2016

The revelation has been given... over and over again. God loves homosexuals. Homosexual relations are a sin. This is not that complex.

Jan SAugust 24, 2016

It would be quite interesting to understand the methodology of the studies cited, especially in the conclusions the writers draw to sexual orientation. It is quite easy to have a bias come through in studies even if the authors do not start with that intention on a conscious level. The conclusions here seem sweeping and of a by-gone era when we had much less information than we do today, and damaging in the quest to expand understanding and compassion.

DevinAugust 24, 2016

Looking through their claims and their declarations, it is apparent that more research is necessary to tease out the finer points of gender identity and sexuality. The lack thereof does not in way prove any conclusions on these intricate matters.The main researchers in fact give warning to group with opinions who use research as a way to push their own agendas and this is relevant to both sides. It is a dangerous gamble because we are talking about people here that are worthy of respect and dignity. We must embrace new evidence as it comes to the forefront rather than claim something as "prophetic" without an understanding that God has yet to reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God such as Blacks receiving the [priesthood and interracial marriage.



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