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October 22, 2020

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JeffAugust 23, 2016

This article is spot on and teaches true principles. In my view, few couples reach this level of gospel oriented conflict resolution and understanding. Ones ability to understand this, apply this, and overcome the "natural man" as taught here is reaching a level of personal refinement that is extremely admirable. This is truly looking at each other through celestial eyes. Thank you for the article. It really helps direct my selfish, quiet irritations in marriage. The post script was perfect too!

vickieAugust 22, 2016

this is a good discussion about a problem that we all have. if life isn't going as easy as we would like it to...then it changes how we see everything....even our spouses and sometimes our children. and if we cant control our feelings and realize where they are coming from then we lash out at those we love most because they are around us more and we have to get rid of the hostility we feel. I have found through my 46yrs of marriage that when my husband and I get into an argument its because we in ourselves are not happy because of just about anything and we tend to take it out on each other. we have many differences as well as similarities but the differences stand out the most. and unless we are able to talk about them then our thoughts begin to bloom into things we imagine instead of things that are real. we assume things instead of knowing them for sure. I wish life was more easy then it is but its not. I guess this is a teaching and learning experience which I hope draws us closer to God.

ToddAugust 22, 2016

Amazing timing! I had just gotten irritated at something my wife said moments before I stumbled upon this article. Her comment was something I have begun to see as a character flaw, and by golly, she just needed me to mock her once again so she could finally overcome this flawed thinking. As I read this article, I recognized the truth contained therein, and my own need to plead for mercy.



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