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May 8, 2021

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Harold NewnamJuly 25, 2016

Perhaps if you are handicapped and there are no spaces available for you, it might be useful you had a placard made and placed on your windshield explaining your reason for parking in an unusual manner. People can be quite understanding if they know why an action is taken.

DonJuly 22, 2016

I often have to park far to the right of my vertical parking space, like in truth, well into the space to my right. I have to have my door completely wide open in order to enter or leave it. There are often no open handicap spaces. I have seen people stare at my car and it's strange use of two spaces, they seem to understand when they see me arrive with my cane and use the entire space to my left with the open door to gain access. Once when I had parked in a normal size spot with less than ample space, but enough to wiggle out of the seat, I returned to find the car to my left gone and a new one right on the line. Lucky for me, two missionaries had shared lunch with my wife and I. One of them got in and allowed the car to roll forward enough for me to gt the door wide open. The zone leader was also present and agreed, since the engine did not turn on, the elder moving the auto was within the spirit of the law regarding driving vehicles other than mission owned ones,

LedgeJuly 21, 2016

I can understand the frustration experienced by many in parking lots as we all try to honor the needs and rights of others, but I have been guilty of taking two spots to allow me enough room to use my ramp to exit my van in the wheelchair. Many times handicap-designated parking spots are taken leaving no choice if I choose to shop. However, I will choose a spot that is in the back of the parking lot that is rarely used. Unfortunately, someone last year took offense and left a very vulgar note on my windshield. I just wish that before people judge to quickly they gather all the facts.

KathleenJuly 20, 2016

Good for them!



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