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August 9, 2022

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DanJuly 14, 2016

I was cleaning my canary's cage and happened to discover your article as I pulled it from the bottom of his cage. It was a bit "smudged" but I was delighted in your sense of humor and insightful thoughts. It was a magnificent mood booster, and I must say, the canary has been chirping gloriously the last two weeks.

PaulJuly 13, 2016

Ouch! Dumbest horse gets named after you, hopefully not intentional. Your stories stand by themselves, but if I had to explain to someone what to expect, I might say the style is a blend of Patrick McMannus and James Herriot. Looking forward to more.

Lynda Turner-KreinerJuly 13, 2016

Dear Mr. Howard: Until I read this story, I didn't realize how funny you were. Your humble sense of humor is refreshing among all my reads. The Mesa Ward in El Paso, Texas knows all about you and I encourage them to read your enlightening stories. I've used your stories in my Talks and cited them in lessons that I've taught. In one of my Talks, your daughter happened to be in the congregation and came up to me afterwards to tell me who she was. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that she had been there on the day I spoke of you. Meanwhile, I am sorry about the horse. I know your fans are important to you, so I will stay around for a while. Thanks for sharing such creative and inspired stories! From a Texas Fan!



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