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October 19, 2019

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Care4UtJuly 12, 2016

Mr. Trump is serving as a catalyst in a tumultuous time. He has tapped into the frustration taxpayers are feeling with body of government that has failed repeatedly to deal with issues that affect their daily lives, quality of life and income. Our elected officials have forgotten their duty to protect and preserve the US Constitution in its original intent. It is time for a serious course correction. Mr. Trump is not necessarily the best person to be president, but those who are struggling to maintain their positions of power need to be aware that the status quo in government is no longer acceptable.

R G KingJuly 12, 2016

It is so breaking with perceived tradition that I dooubt the dumbed down voting public will go along with a brokered or whatever convention--taken over by the elites or establishment that many have come to distrust. How best to protect the supreme court from complete domination by the party who supports Black Lives Matter and Marxist utopian ambitions. National Police Force sssounds a lot like what the English had here before asked to leave us to make the world free?

jamesJuly 12, 2016

So now 'we the people' have no expectation that our vote does or will count in any election? Romney, got no primary votes (didn't make any effort to run) or Kasich who could only muster one state from the voters in 50 state primaries / caucus. How does that remotely qualify either of them to step over any of the other men/woman who actually did compete and win votes in the GOP primaries?

hollandparkJuly 12, 2016

Can't tell you the number of times I've thought of this, after seeing the meme of it on Facebook yesterday: A rescue ticket of Mitt Romney and Condoleezza Rice I have no idea if they would be any good or would even agree to accept, but after seeing it, I watched her play a duet with Jenny Oaks Baker on Youtube and realized she looks WAY more Presidential just playing the piano there ---than Mrs Clinton looks, ever. Just keep thinking she and Mitt on their worst day would be far more likely to care about and carry through with integrity, and care about the people and future of the USA than either Donald Trump or Mrs Clinton ever would--or are even capable of--even on their best day.

Junk BinJuly 12, 2016

I highly doubt that Mittens will support Trump as he is a very bad looser and cannot even follow the teaching question " Is your neighbors name safe with you when he is not with you?



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