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September 17, 2021

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Been there; Am thereJune 28, 2016

I've been there; I'm there again. I think the advice was good and well-grounded. There is a reason he's gone quiet, and nagging and arguing won't bring it out. Tell him he's important and that you want to bring him back into the family. Be prepared to learn that you might possibly be doing something that has made him go silent (not everything is the man's fault) and be willing to work together to bring him back. Go to the Lord individually and as a couple, and let him hear your love for him in those prayers.

Anonymous 2June 27, 2016

I am no Doctor or specialist. but that's not the right answer for that question. The sister is asking for help not the technical answer but practically can I do. What should I do, I move with? Should I stay? What happens if I move and the problem is still there then I am alone and no support structures. Do I let him go ahead and wait and see what happens? She need practical answers not the technically advise. Yes it right professionally but the comment made by ;anonymous; is far better is speaks of personally experiences and what happened. Please HELP THE SISTER

anonymousJune 24, 2016

Having been in a similar situation, I would be very wary of moving away from your family and support system at this time, if this is the case. In my case, his emotional distance and increased arguing was because he had a pornography addiction and was depressed. Things only got worse after we moved across the country. I ended up leaving to stay with my mom, 6 months pregnant with a 2-year-old in tow. We eventually reconciled, and perhaps things turned out how they were supposed to, but I was extremely cut off and isolated during this time. I wouldn't recommend it.



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