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September 26, 2022

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VardellJune 24, 2016

I have discovered that the scriptural accounts of healing are there for a reason, to teach us what to say. Many many accounts of physical and spiritual healing are accomplished by simply asking in desperation and faith, “Jesus thou son of God have mercy on my soul.” There is power in this prayer. I was excited to hear Elder Holland use it in last conference.

Mary BellJune 23, 2016

This must be one of the reasons it's so fun to share the gospel on FB!! Thanks for this excellent article Joni. You have the gift of clarity-you explain things well:D

TJune 23, 2016

I needed this reminder, thank you! It reminded me of countless practice conversations I've had in my own mind trying to explain my feelings and testimony of principles to people close to me who have approached me with doubt's. It helped me see the strength even discussing those things silently brought and how it renewed my conviction of the gospel.

JuliannJune 23, 2016

So simple, yet so powerful . Thank you for answering one of my prayers.



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