February 25, 2021

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FriendsafarJune 27, 2016

So sorry this happened. This is such a fun event. We did some years ago in our country and we had a really good time and we had people fall and cut themselves. We all learnt so much and the day was filled with exoeriences. So sad to hear of this. Please send our blessing from a far. We not there but we can morn with you. Be strong DAD the children will need to understand

hollandparkJune 23, 2016

The comment by Ken said:"I realize that hindsight is an exact science, but 7 MILES??!! In the heat?? "I completely agree.All you forgot to mention was the HUMIDITY.Which makes it suffocatingly worse. Just a senseless tragedy.

Jenny KinsleyJune 23, 2016

Strokes and Heart attacks don't just happen from a 7 mile hike, in the heat. her body was preparing for this event for a while. she probably should have been cleared by a doctor before going. However doctors don't always catch all possible issues. things happen in life. Maybe the trek needs reviewing for how to make it safer for modern men and women.And doing it safely for the benefit of the lessons wanting to be taught. Our condolences to the family and may god bless you.

KenJune 22, 2016

I realize that hindsight is an exact science, but 7 MILES??!! In the heat?? A 1 or 2 mile trek would have been plenty enough to convey the lesson of the hardship the pioneers endured. Perhaps as Fred W has suggested, maybe it's time to curtail these types of activities.Condolences to the Blair family at this time.

Edith WhertonJune 22, 2016

So sorry this happened. As a person who has participated in historical re-enactments it is sad when things like this happen. This should have been a fun activity. Its easy to get caught up in the fun and not take proper precautions. And disappointing as it may be, if trouble starts, drop out! Dont know if she was ill prepared or not but this should be a reminder: safety first. Sympathy to her family.

Fred McGowanJune 22, 2016

Okay ! Now it's time for this annual nonsense to stop ! The pioneers made this Tek because they had to not because they wanted to. And that's the difference here. The pioneers faced dangers and risks I am sure they would have avoided if they could have and would never have subjected their families to such an ordeal. This is crazy behavior. Their are enough trials in this modern day environment that can test our endurance and faithfulness without submitting ourselves to such self-inflicted wounds. So, some "prove themselves" is that sufficient a payoff to warrent a cost such as another person's life ?



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