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May 13, 2021

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Kathleen ChinJune 24, 2016

Bless you, Elder Holland! To all of the individuals in this video who had the spiritual strength and emotional courage to share their struggles, apply their faith, and identify their source of "Hope," thank you! You have, and will, bless many lives!

JanetJune 23, 2016

I am grateful for this and hope it is the beginning of more Church resources devoted to mental illness, especially the more serious ones. I do have some questions regarding these illnesses. Does the Church have any doctrine regarding the eternal disposition of the marriages that were dissolved by divorce in this life because of the mental illness of one of the spouses? I have several friends facing this situation. I realize some will forgive and wish to be back with the divorced spouse, but most remarried and some had children with subsequent spouses. How does the Lord view these families? Do they automatically lose the rights to their children because of the terrible behavior caused by their mental illnesses? Are the spouses expected to tolerate the rages and promiscuity that accompanies some mental illnesses? Elder Holland speaks of hope, but what exactly are they to hope for in the gospel plan?

BrendaJune 21, 2016

Oh, Thank you so much for this sweet reminder. For the varying degrees that many of us suffer, thank you. Love you Elder Holland.



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