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May 15, 2022

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Bill WalkerJune 20, 2016

Mariah, I loved this tribute you wrote to your Father. I know him well. He is wonderful, just as you described. I also remember you in the picture with your Dad when you were little. Thanks for your wonderful writing. Philly Cheesecake sandwich will now have a special meaning after reading your article. I always enjoy reading whatever you write. May the Lord Bless you. WRW

Scot Facer ProctorJune 20, 2016

I had no idea that all this sunk so deep in your heart, Mariah. I do remember that I enjoyed every second of the Philly Cheesesteak Challenge and I do wish I had one (a Philly Cheesesteak) right now! Your article reminded me what a pure delight it is to be a Dad and that little things, over time, add up to big things.

AbbieJune 20, 2016

Girls learn how to be a woman from their mothers but they learn the VALUE of being a woman from their fathers.

SarahJune 20, 2016

Excellent article, thanks for sharing your thoughts and congrats on the wedding last year, was great to follow it! Hope married life is fun, interesting, challenging, and NEVER dull!



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