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May 19, 2022

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JaneJune 18, 2016

Loved this experience of promptings and heeding the voice within. Being in tune and sensitive to the needs of others even when they just need a friend or their spirits lifted can help us to "be our brother's keeper(s)." Now, please share with us this yummy looking cinnamon roll recipe!!!!

Sarah HinzeJune 11, 2016

Maurine, I love this story. It demonstrates that we are all our brothers or sisters keeper. I have had a few promptings about making certain foods and meals-- also not knowing why. A few years ago I opened a package of 12 frozen pork chops and began to cook them and then proceeded to prepare all the fixin's to go with it, gravy and all. In the door walked my husbands parents and his brother and family, who surprised us from out of state. My mother-in-law commented over the years how she loved that meal. It was a sweet feeling to have honored the prompting, no matter how unusual.

thedreamerJune 10, 2016

I was moved to tears with this article. I am going through a very difficult time, and today have been second guessing myself. But this article, as well as so many of the moving comments (and one in particular, which touched on something dear to me) has become a tender mercy to me today. As I just finished up reading, the line from a hymn played into my thoughts, "We are all enlisted till the conflict is o'er; Happy are we! Happy are we! Soldiers in the army, there's a bright crown in store; We shall win and wear it by and by." While I don't feel exactly happy at the difficult battlefield I am fighting on, I do feel encouraged today by the strength and goodness of you wonderful Christians! Thank you for your words.

SDJune 10, 2016

I have had many such experiences. But one I can never forget. I was counseling two young inmates. It is a very stressful life. After few months, I knelt down and prayed. "Heavenly father, I have help these two and helped one to reunite with his family. I quit, I will send them Christmas cards and birthday cards." Then I heard an unspoken voice that said "Listen and I will show you what to do." It was so real, I looked up from my prayer and said, "Huh?" Again I heard listen, JUST LISTEN AND I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO." Over the next couple of years I can not tell you how many times I would feel I had to write. But, I argued that I had just visited them. But I would write that letter. It would go on and on about the gospel or morlity or honesty. I did not know at the end, what I had written. I would go back and read what i had written. It turned out to be right on target.\ In our daily lives. we do not recognize what the Lord has done for us. But when you live in the depths of hell, you can see things happen that just don't happen in prison. I could write book about the experences....and God was there. One of them went to the temple this past year. A hard road. But God was there.

BonnieJune 10, 2016

Thank you for reminding me that our Heavenly Father knows each of us...and cares for us in seen and unseen ways. How thankful I am for you and your ability to express these precious truths to the world. Love you dear friend

Delores DeLucaJune 10, 2016

When my husband died we had many experiences to feel he was still watching us, by leaving articles related to him in various places; including the funeral hearse.

Heidi BaileyJune 10, 2016

I loved this story. I think it rings true to those who believe the Lord is watching over us. He knows exactly what we need at every moment. This reminds me of the story President Monson told a couple of years ago, about the young mother that was overwhelmed with life and a taxing illness. All she wanted was homemade bread. Through a person who barely knew her, her need was met. Heavenly Father loves us enough to trust us to do His errands and at times for us to be the recipients of those kindnesses. I am sure we have been in both places.

RebeccaJune 10, 2016

Thank you for this article. I do not usually feel the promptings as specifically as you did in this story, but I can relate to Elder Neal A. Maxwell comment, “Amid the vastness of his creations, God’s personal shaping influence is felt in the details of our lives.” A year ago a doctor gave me the wrong medicine which shut down my adrenals and caused me to blackout and hit my head very hard. I was so dizzy and off balance for 9 months that all I could do was go to various specialists trying to find a way to get better. After every possible consultation and test, nothing was helping and I was resigning myself to living with dizziness the rest of my life. I felt, however, that I should go one last time to a specialist and have him confirm nothing more could be done. To my surprise, he prescribed one last test from a fellow specialist - an MRI trackography for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. I almost cancelled the appointment several times because of claustrophobia and feeling TBI was not my problem but finally had the test done. The results showed I did not have TBI, but the imaging doctor did an additional test, an MRA which is an angiogram of the brain, and he did it for free because it was not prescribed. That test saved my life because he found not only an aneurysm, but an aneurysm on top of the aneurysm! Another detail that saved my life was that the imaging doctor was also the best specialist in the area for fixing aneurysms, had done over 1,000 of them, and needed that experience to improvise when operating on mine because it was different from all the others he had done. His experience and generosity saved my life. After recovering from surgery, the dizziness quietly left but the doctor said it was not caused by the aneurysm. I felt it was there to lead me to the more significant, life threatening problem. God was definitely in the details.

RichJune 10, 2016

I suspect we have all had similar experiences. A GREAT story and certainly proof that God knows the future!

karell binghamJune 10, 2016

It is stunning to me that with all of the maneuvering of universes and solar systems, not to speak of nations, that the great God that rules them still has time and love for an elderly gentleman who misses his wife and her cinnamon rolls!

DroundyJune 10, 2016

I am working in China at a foreign language expert, formerly with the BYU China Teacher's Program. We do not proselyte in any way. But the Lord lets us know day after day with little experiences like this. It is so fun to read others experiences as they strengthen my faith in my own. We are so blessed with a loving father!

TJayJune 9, 2016

I had a similar experience one day. It was a Saturday morning. I had awoken without any specific plan for my day. I was enjoying just lying in bed thinking about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I think I'll go here and do this, I thought. "No," said a voice I clearly heard in my mind. "You need to go to this town and this building." So I did. Once there I found out why. The gift being given was not for another this time. It was for me and this was the day and the place where it was to be found. It really is a miracle that God sees our needs so clearly and loves us enough to let us know He is watching. Thank you for sharing and reminding me.



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