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October 19, 2019

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donJune 11, 2016

Many years ago, a wine salesman was interviewed by our local newspaper. He said he was very happy to see folks learning to cook with wine, since they then might develop a taste for is leading to more sales as they began to drink it. Nothing more needed to be said to keep my cooking wine free and beer free for that matter,

HarrietJune 10, 2016

I was raised in a non-L.D.S. home and there was no Alcohol ever. In raising my six children and now having a grandchild frequently in my home I always took the stance to avoid the very appearance of evil. There are no questions, nothing to discuss no decision to be made. In raising my children it has been extremely beneficial and now as they are adults in their own right they know. It has protected them on more than one occasion. In so saying I also taught and live the principle to not judge others for how and with what they cook. Agency is so very important. This is one of those areas where truly it is up to the individual.



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