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September 29, 2022

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JudithJune 6, 2016

I love Mitt but it would bring him to ruin politically speaking. A third candidate at this point is too late and insures a sure win for Hillary.

PaulJune 6, 2016

He should run, as a democrat. Maybe he could help that party get back to a more centrist platform.

Glen M. DanielsenJune 3, 2016

I agree, Judith. It is my hope and fantasy that Mitt makes a last-minute run to the Republican nomination instead. Stranger things have happened. Cheers,

Judith La MontagneJune 3, 2016

Say what you will, the fact remains that there is no hope for a third party candidate at this point. The Republicans would have the most to lose since a third party candidate would make Clinton a shoo-in.

AllisonJune 3, 2016

Much as we could use his leadership and morals, it won't help. Evangelicals still won't vote for a Mormon and splitting the conservative votes will make it harder to get him or a conservative elected. We are reaping decades of not teaching manners, economics, and civics properly. Now young people think we need more government because the populace is ruder and more likely to hurt one another. They also don't realize how much freedom that takes away to invite government where it doesn't belong. They don't realize socialism is not going to work (Venezuela being the latest example in a long line of them.) Even those who know better are following demagogues who are telling them what they want to hear, but can't deliver what they promise. God help us!

Janet GronemanJune 3, 2016

If either of the two popular candidates from either party get elected, our country is in huge trouble, and we will see danger to our Constitution like never before. I have been fervently hoping that a solid third party candidate would show up, and have been wishing that Mitt would consider running again to save our country - he is the only person who appears to have the personality, knowledge, and intelligence to lead our country now. I understand his reluctance to assume such a monumental responsibility, with a wife who is struggling with a severe illness and the stress that would put on them both, but the country desperately needs him now. I do hope and pray most sincerely that he will take the reins and lead America now, in her hour of urgent need.

JoanJune 3, 2016

He needs to support the party not divide it. He had his opportunity and he'll only give us more of the same if he proceeds in what he's doing.

FrankJune 2, 2016

Got to love a democratic paper giving the Republicans advice. How wonderful of them. Love Mitt, had a very good chance and lost. Why would it change this time other than give Hillary the Presidency? If that is the goal, then encourage Mitt to run.



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