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November 28, 2021

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MicheleJune 1, 2016

Gary, we can receive revelation for ourselves and our loved ones, but not for the general membership. I have dreams that are quite prophetic, but they affect me and perhaps one or two people, no one else.

Christopher WiikwajioJune 1, 2016

As I was reading Gary's comments I smiled. Thank you Gary. Mormon told us the same thing and Elder McConkie. I always like to remember the FACT that Lehi was not THE prophet. Jeremiah was. Lexi was just one of many prophets. And what was Nephi? He was just a very young man. Yet he had visions and dreams. And we, today, are thankful that a young man had such dreams and visions LONG before he was THE prophet for his people. Are we not to learn about what we should be like by reading the Book of Mormon, the most correct book on earth? I also like to remember that Joseph Smith said that all men are prophet that preach Christ. The question is...are they real prophets or false prophets. Every time we give a blessing to heal the sick or a priesthood blessing to our family we are prophets, either false ones or real ones. The time that these dreams and visions are a problem is when they disagree with THE Prophet when THE Prophet is speaking for the Lord for the whole Church. Then we MUST question those dreams and visions. And while I was reading this article I had an inspiration to look up the talk President Lee gave about the Church's welfare system created to get members off the government evils of the government dole. It is wonderful. I cannot thank the author enough for leading me to this talk. It has helped me more than I can tell you and confirms the Church's long standing position on "government relief".

GaryJune 1, 2016

What are we to understand from Bruce R. McConkie when he states in Mormon Doctrine, "And visions are to increase and abound in the last days, for the Lord has promised to pour out his "spirit upon all flesh," so that "old men shall dream dreams" and "young men shall see visions." (Joel 2:28-32) My thoughts are that many automatically denounce any dream or vision if it does't come from the prophet. Revelation for the church comes through the prophet. But to have an automatic off button when others dream dreams or have visions that aren't stated to change the course of the church is a sign of the times as well... We need to each pray to the Father and rely on our answers from Him instead on relying on man (this doesn't mean the Prophet) to tell them when and what to believe...with the knowledge that the Prophet is never going to lead us astray. I for one never have believed the prophet will ever come out and spoon feed the flock in every choice they make though... or say "now I'm serious" when the end of times begin..



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